DIY How-Tos & Tips

Acid Staining Concrete

Reactive Acid Stain applied on a concrete floor can add a marbling look and a depth of color not available in other flooring products. It’s a great project for basements, converted garages, and even exterior concrete like porches and sidewalks.

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Cutting PVC Pipe With Nylon String

Whether you’re repairing a sprinkler line or leaking plumbing in a crawl space, there are many instances when you need to cut a piece of PVC pipe but don’t have room to get a saw or cutter around the pipe to make a clean cut.

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Warm Weather Checklist

As the warm weather has arrived and we spend more time outdoors, it’s important to take some time and make sure your house and property is looking its best before those Summer celebrations begin.

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3, 4, 5 Method to find perfectly square corner

In any type of carpentry project, from building decks and sheds to laying out an entire house, it’s vital your walls are plumb and level and your corners are square. Levels will take care of the first two,, but what about squaring your corners?

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Top Tips while working with a Contractor

Know what you want before you get estimates – its best to have a detailed drawing of the project with exactly what you want and the materials you expect to use. If you leave the ideas up to a contractor, chances are your project will get much bigger than expected

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