Cutting PVC Pipe With Nylon String

Whether you’re repairing a sprinkler line or leaking plumbing in a crawl space, there are many instances when you need to cut a piece of PVC pipe but don’t have room to get a saw or cutter around the pipe to make a clean cut. If you don’t own a PVC cable saw, you can make your own with a couple household items many folks have laying around.

In these cases, take a piece of Nylon String (make sure it’s nylon, because cotton string won’t work) and wrap each end around a small piece of wood to create a nylon string saw.

Once your string saw is complete, wrap the string around the pipe where you want to cut and simply start a slow sawing motion back and forth to start your cut.

Once you’ve gotten the cut started, speed up your sawing motion until you’ve cut through the pipe. The nylon string actually burns through the pipe leaving a nice clean cut. Take a piece of sand paper to knock down any edges before you prime and glue.

So, the next time you need to cut a PVC pipe in tight quarters, go grab a piece of nylon kite string and you’ll be surprised how well and fast it works.