Customer Testimonials

“As an apartment maintenance supervisor I have tried all kinds of tool bags. I have never felt motivated to research and write to a company before trying your zip up electricians large shoulder bag. It’s such a relief to finally have the perfect tool bag for my trade! Thanks CLC!”

Tony H from Puyallup WA

“I work as a stage hand and I won’t ever go to a gig without my CLC tradesmen gloves. They are durable and the dexterity is awesome! When I’m on a gig where I am rigging and pulling alot of ropes, I depend on my CLC Boxer gloves, the grip on them is unbelieveable! Keep up the good work, I’ll be with you guys forever.”

Russ C from Los Alamitos CA

“For years I have looked for the “perfect” hunting glove. One that is warm, fairly thin (NOT BULKY), small fingers (to get into the trigger and easy to load shells), water proof (putting out decoys and picking them up).

In October, I was at Meyer Hardware in Britton, South Dakota where I discovered CLC M173 gloves. I have used these gloves duck and goose hunting over the past month and love them!!! 🙂 Just yesterday a buddy & I were out working at one of our hunting spots cutting out willows from a shallow basin. For about 2 hours I was reaching into the water removing cut twigs and branches out of the slough. That is when I finally mentioned I could feel my gloves are starting to get saturated. I worked about 45 minutes longer before the gloves were actually soaked through and through.I was very impressed! Just thought you should know. Happy Thanksgiving.

From a very satisfied customer!”

David L from Willmar MN

“I just wanted to say thank you to each and everyone that is involves with CLC. I have never found a single one of your products that was not first rate.”

Jack M from Amarillo TX

“Hi. Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with your products.I recently purchased a pair of Hybrid Dexterity Work Gloves (Model # 275) at the Home Depot in Ottawa.I am in Landscaping and at this time of the year they are perfect. Thanks…”

Trevor H from Nepean ON Canada

“I am writing on behalf of your toolbag (Model 1539). I purchased your product at a local Home Depot a little over a year ago, and I could not be happier with it. I am a technician that works with a variety of hand tools. I haven’t weighed my bag, but it carries easily 50 pounds. I have many small and intricate tools that are designed for tight spaces, and the multiple pockets and levels of the pallets are perfect. Your bag is the only one on the market designed to keep tools organized and enclosed inside it. I had figured that by now, with all the weight, I would have broken a shoulder strap, a hook, or a zipper; however, this bag has some real quality construction behind it. All in all, this bag is a 10 out of 10 and I couldn’t be happier.”

Steve E from Chesapeake VA

“I bought your 22 Pocket Drawstring BucketBag and I wanted to tell you how great of a product it is. I install cabinets for a living and use the bag to hold screws, anchors, and hole saws. I have probably dragged that bag over miles of concrete over five years going cabinet to cabinet. I just replaced the bag with the same product and holding the old bag up after being empty for the first time, I could see light through the bottom in many places. I was surprised the bottom was never compromised. I’m sure if I had never pulled it across concrete, it would last for many more years. Anyway, thank you for making a quality product and I will look to your website in the future for any new toolbags.”

Bradley C from Tucson AZ

“I would like to comment on one of your cell phone holders. I had my cell phone in one of your (CLC) phone cases while working on a tower crane. While working at about 315 Feet, my phone fell. The next morning I found it on the ground in working condition. My phone still works thanks to the high quality products CLC produces.”

Michael H from Ft Collins CO

“I am currently serving in Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces. We get issued everything we need, however sometimes the quality and/or comfort is not what we want. Most of the guys here go to either army stores or law enforcement supplier shops to buy boots and gloves. And they drop some major coin sometimes. I went to my local Home Depot in Vaughan Ontario and for $9.99 picked up a pair of black CLC gloves with grey suede palms. Not only were they 40-50 dollars cheaper than everyone elses, but after five weeks of living “Outside the Wire” as they say, they don’t have so much as a small tear in them! Just wanted to thank you for offering a very durable product and at a great value.”

Paul O from Maple ON Canada